Adventures in…?

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Updated again! (8/12/14) This time I can say with as much certainty as God’s will allows that we are finally a bit rooted. We are now a couple of happy home owners AND back on hardwood (or at least its cheaper but equally as adequate equivalent). We are technically not in Indianapolis anymore but a small town a few minutes north of it. We are in love with it here. I have my new happy place, the Gathering Grounds (yes, it is a coffee shop), a few minutes away and my best friend and her husband were able to buy a house less than ten minutes away from us. We are highly aware of our new, undeserved blessing and are a little too happy about having two bathrooms finally. So all the new crafting and musings will finally be from home. If you ever need moving/cross-country moving advice then it is very safe to say I am qualified to give it.

(12/15/13) I originally posted this page on 4/23/13 as “Adventures on Hardwood” and since then we have moved twice again and I noticed I needed to update this.
I wanted this page to be a permanent fixture; this is where we are and where I do all the things I post about. It is difficult for that to happen now since we do not know where we will actually end up.
Currently we are in Indianapolis, IN.
We first moved into a small apartment in Northern Indianapolis on 7/1/13. Now we are still no longer on hardwood, we are back on carpet, but we are finally in a house. We have my best friend and her husband staying with us for a little while as they see where God is also leading them; for now it is Indiana with us (which I am thrilled beyond belief about). So we are in the complete opposite situation than we were in California, but new things are fun, right? This gives me a real chance to bring our true style into our house, wherever that ends up being. Hopefully within a year we will know where that is, but for now all knitting and DIYing will be from the Hoosier state.

  • My lovely friend Granola & Suits has an amazing blog about her faith and new family.
  • Hubby is beginning his own photo blog project that will be awesome, check out Mattseespeople for some great and amusing realizations.

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