Too Many Delays

One of the little quirks I have frustrates me to no end and that is that I do not knit when I am sick. It does not matter what kind of illness, if I do not feel well I do not want to knit. I have been extremely sick the entirety of last month and most of this month so my little sweater has been patiently waiting for arms this whole time. Not very shockingly I have not wanted to deal with dpns while brain dead. They are only three-quarter sleeves though so I really need to get them done today. Especially since the weather seems to actually be warming up for good this time and it is so soft I cannot wait to wear it. I also have a graduation gift to design and execute before May so I want to be able to give that my full attention.

Therefore one of my few goals that I will try to meet today, other than getting dressed eventually, is to finish my patient little sweater and hopefully block it while I have a full head of steam. Goals are few and far between lately and my hands have been very bored (until I made the mistake of discovering Plants vs. Zombies 2…so many dead zombies). If I could make a single wish in my entire life it would be this, no joke: that my knitting would never have to be blocked. The bane of my knitting existence is blocking. It never goes the way I want and I am even more afraid with this sweater that it will stretch too much. Ah the frustration. Enough to drive me mental if I were not mental already. Poor Hubby, it must be tiring with me crazy and sick all the time.

He has been amazing however and I recommend having one if you do not already. They are excellent at making sandwiches (as long as you like them fairly messy with never enough mustard). If you are a man then get a wife and make her a sandwich.


This is where I am now. I could not get a good picture of its true color, it should be a little more muted than that but same color value. As I said, the sleeves will be three-quarter and it will come off the shoulder a bit so the neck is very stretchy. Hubby is off to drum for worship practice and I am sitting with his sweetly fetched bowl of applesauce (which is close to a triple serving, he makes me smile) and a donut left over from his birthday celebration at work yesterday. Since we have moved I have not been able to get a maple long john and I am sure it contributes to my mental decline. MY PLANTS VS. ZOMBIE KINGDOM FOR A LONG JOHN!

Welcome to my brain lately; donuts, Plants vs. Zombies, and knitting.
Also Fairytail is FINALLY BACK! If you do not know, by this time, what it is then that is bad and you should feel bad. It is the most amazing show on the planet. It is anime and it is basically perfection this side of heaven. So I am off to watch the latest episode and probably continue re-watching the series…again.


2 responses to “Too Many Delays

  1. What have you been sick with?    Where do I find Fairytail?   Never heard of it.   Love you    Grandma 

    • I like to call it the plague haha. It’s gotten a lot better since I got medicine from the dr. They stream it online at for free. It’s a Japanese cartoon basically. Very funny and intense. They have English dubbed versions and English subtitles. It’s about magic and dragons and things.

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