Wish Lists Can Be the Devil

I hate window-shopping. All my family and best friends know that I hate window-shopping. I do not enjoy browsing through things I can not have. It taunts me. I do not like being taunted. I also try to avoid internet window-shopping. I do not hit Pinterest looking at a bunch of things I want; I use Pinterest for humor and pictures (and food). Last month I made a horrible mistake in one of the worst mediums I could have possibly chosen. I was bored one night and decided to make wish lists on WEBS AND KnitPicks. Not many, outside the knitting community, know my issue with yarn. Many yarn crafters have this issue but I always liked the thought of keeping my stash fairly small; plus yarn is expensive…especially in the quantities I need for the sweaters I am now addicted to (thanks Johnny and Lacie…thanks very much). I also subscribed to these website’s e-mails. I am now notified every other day of all the sales they are having.

You know what I say to myself? I say, “You can easily just delete the accounts and wish lists. You have been unsubscribing to dozens of other notifications, these ones will not kill you.”
You know how I respond to myself? “hahahahahaha you are funny.”

So the horrible cycle of adding and adding continues and dreaming of the small purchases here and there I could make to eventually stock up on the quantities of yarn I need want. At this point I laugh more. There is a lot of laughing; mostly the sad, personally pathetic kind.

On the other hand I then try to buck myself up by saying it is personal growth to withstand all the temptation! It is true. It does breed resilience. Just in this case I know what I am resisting down to the yard…

Not half an hour ago I was adding more to my WEBS list and I am ok with that right now. I woke up in a fairly foul mood thanks to a very bad night’s rest and, after the usual cathartic scrubbing and cleaning of the house, I am currently over it and enjoying an open window and sixty-eight degree weather before we get more snow tomorrow.

As a little bonus side-note: It is true that WD-40 will remove melted plastic from a glass stove top. I made the mistake of not announcing to the house that one of the burners was still hot and a grocery bag got in the line of fire. A little lube and a LOT of scraping with a butter knife later, my stove is clean again. *shakes fist at electric ovens*


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