“I’m in shock…Look, I’ve got a blanket!”

There is not much that can be done to dig your way out when a season of busyness descends like one of the great plagues. You just have to ride it out as best you can. We, along with our new housemates (my best friend and her husband), had another friend staying with us for a while and that made life quite a bit more hectic; five adults, a dog, and a cat in a fairly small house. We have had doctors appointments and testing for both of us. Hubby has had to work a lot more, making our weekends a little more difficult to plan around. Now his team is finally caught up and we have just returned from a weekend in California so I finally have time to sit and breath a bit before the next busy season hits.
We have more visits from people coming up next month and while that is very exciting it is also daunting, as most people know. Especially after the last few months. Until then, however, I will enjoy my couch and my cat and Hubby when I am lucky enough to get him home.

We had not been back to California since we moved eight months ago and we went so we could meet our new nephew. My middle sister had her first baby and he is the most precious creature on the planet. They did a good job on the new little human. He is just a few days past two weeks old and even my impervious-to-baby-vortex husband was cooing over him. It was a non-stop, jam-packed weekend and I am still trying to get the rush and noise out of my head (along with the jet lag). After the very long days of flying and everything we did in between I now have a tendency to lose any thought in my head and start staring at nothing. Hopefully this will peter-out during the course of the week.

Hubby let me buy tickets for us to see Coriolanus this Sunday for a belated anniversary gift and I am looking forward to it so much that I have a tendency to bounce in my seat when I think about it. I was extremely disappointed when I could not get tickets for the live streaming but then they announced they would be replaying it and I jumped on it. So I get to battle with my patience until this weekend and in the meantime I will be knitting like a mad woman.
In two weeks I have acquired quite a bit of yarn and my hands will not be able to keep up with all the things I want to do.
I have 100% mink fingering that my friend wants a sweater out of and though I am excited to work with the yarn itself, I am not looking forward to dealing with the design. I have most of the yarn I need for Hubby’s first sweater, Cascade 220 is legit and my lys finally carries it!! I picked up two skeins of a dk that was on clearance and I am really looking forward to using it for some fair isle work, probably a cowl since there is not very much and I can not get enough of them lately.

I will post some of my work but only as I think of it. I have thought a lot about my to do lists lately and adding non-essentials does nothing for keeping me out of space cadet mode. Plus whenever I say “oh I need to blog [this]” and then end up not for whatever reason, I become disappointed and that is just the silliest waste of emotion. I have decided not to waste my energy on emotions like that. There are enough things to be legitimately upset/happy about and things like this certainly do not make the list.

This is as close to the true color of the mink as I could get.



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