Nearly There: The Living Room Edition

It is finally here and we are nearly there. All of the major painting has been done for a few weeks and the only thing I really have left are the kitchen cabinets. I will not be rushing those anytime soon though. This year has already been crazy but still blessed. God never gives us anything more than we can handle and Hubby and I are trying to feel proud that we must be so strong in God’s eyes.
I will always be adjusting and re-adjusting things around the house to improve them but this is where our living room is so far.

When we moved into the house in the middle of December, the living room looked like this…
(The chair, lamp, and flowers are not ours. They were left in the house.)

A week or so later it became this…
The walls are a much lighter grey than is visible in these photos but that is what that snowy day gave me to work with. Eventually that “lovely” cable draped across the walls by the TV will either be covered or gone completely (Thank you, Comcast Guy, thank you very much). I will probably end up using that spot for the seasonal bunting I will start working on soon. We are so thrilled to finally have a real couch again. It is so nice not sitting on the floor all the time like broke college students. I am long out of my college years and far past the physical ability to put up with that much. Among some of our other trials this past month we discovered that I now have arthritis in two of my fingers. “Lucky” for me it is in one on each hand; that is why it has taken so long for me to get everything done that I wanted to. I had to do literally nothing for several days in a row when my two fingers doubled in size and ached like the Dickens. After a round of steroids they are much better and I am back to being industrious and getting some knitting done. Hubby has been AMAZING helping me with everything and cooking dinner when I was exhausted and could not physically hold a pan. I am looking forward to getting back to cooking though.

This is my new cowl pre-blocking and looks nothing like what it will when I wear it but I just love the color so much I want to show it off early. This is one of the custom colorways that came in my Awesome Box and it makes me happy looking at it. Knitcircus makes gorgeous yarns and I will definitely be going back for more whenever I can. Johnny and Lacie’s Awesome Boxes are so amazing and DEFINITELY worth the money. I can not wait until I can get another one. I wish I could get every month’s box.
photo (7)

Last Saturday was my sister’s baby shower and my mom FaceTimed me and propped me up on a table so I could see and join in on everything. It was a lot of fun and they did an amazing job with all the decorations. It was a Superman themed party and my proud contribution from this distance was to suggest they get green rock candy to act as Kryptonite. It was a great party and I am even more excited to meet my new nephew next month.

I will start revealing the other rooms over the next few weeks as I get them straightened up as best I can, but with my newly formed arthritis and the way our lives have been going so far I am making sure not to pressure myself with non-essentials. At the end of the reveal I will put up the list of paints and supplies, as well as the average time everything took me to complete.


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