Two Thousand Fourteen

Last year may not have been one of my favorites, but it was by far the most eventful one yet; selfishly I would like this year to be a little less so. Four homes, two thousand miles, more people and pets lost, far too many trips to the doctor, and not enough hugs. Through all of the awful there was quite a shocking amount of blessings: our fourth home is a house, two thousand miles is an adventure (after you get through Texas), some people are much happier in heaven, the doctor can make you laugh, and the hugs I eventually get will be two thousand times better. We have tried to make sure that our life is spent following God and a lot of big changes make for nervous trials, hoping you did not accidentally make a wrong turn somewhere. God is not a static God. His plans are bigger and more intricate than anything we can imagine. My understanding from everything I have studied and everything I have seen during my walk with God has shown me that as long as you are truly seeking to follow Him and keep your heart open to any changes He needs to make, you are doing what you were meant to do even if you are trying for something you believe you want “selfishly”. God does not want us to not have dreams or goals, He cares about where your heart is in them and where He is in them. Have your dreams, have ambition and succeed. The point of your life is to use it to glorify Him and further His kingdom while you do. He will bring all His plans for you to fruition; it may just end up taking a more indirect route than is obvious to us. Some people get clear-cut instructions in their life and some do not. God uses us either way AND whether we like it or not.

He is the entire point of life itself. He wants us to have joy. Find your joy in God and you find what it is really like to enjoy living.

I have not forgotten about the before and after post. Our home is not quite yet to the “after” portion and I have not had enough energy to sort through and find the decent “before”s that I took. I have been pushing through all the work, almost non-stop, because I am just that kind of person and ended up basically exhausting myself so I really could not bring myself to do anything over this weekend (are not I a genius?). Yesterday I finished the final two walls and a majority of the trim work. All that is officially left is the kitchen and bathroom cabinets (oy), the doors, and way too many touch ups. By the end of next week the inside of our home will be completely repainted and everything will finally be put up on the walls. There are still a few pieces of furniture that I will be painting to add more interest but I am bumping those down quite a few rungs on the ladder of priority after all this.

In other news I am EXTREMELY excited about my new Iron Gym that Hubby bought me the other day (it is on sale at Target this week ^-^). Gym memberships are not in our budget and there is not one very close by anyway. I have to rely on body weight exercises since we also can not afford a full set of free weights/bar bells (nor do we have space for them) and anyone who is familiar with body building knows you are basically out to dry without them.  A pull up bar, which also works for push ups and sit ups as well, is certainly better than nothing and I have not had one since I was in high school. The one I had before worked great but it had to be bolted to the walls and that made it very annoying to deal with if you did not want to be clotheslined entering or exiting my bedroom. The Iron Gym just hooks on and off your door jams and I love it a little too much. I will not lie. I hugged the box. I am always walking by it wanting to use it but until I get all of the house dealt with I do not want to push my arms too far.

Great things that will be in 2014:

  • The Awesome Box – Yarn Club (I got last month’s and it is a-maz-ing. I want them all *sigh*)
  • Reading my books. So much reading.
  • Having people visit and use our guest room.
  • Playing WoW with my sister and playing PS3 games with my other sister. (fist pump)
  • Completing my book.
  • Hubby and I meeting our new nephew in February ^-^Enjoy your new year.

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