So You Want to Move During a Snowstorm?

I recommend not doing it. It is certainly more pleasant than loading things in 90 degree weather, but other than that it is not fun. Being alone out here means we did not have any help moving but we managed it with the help of a U-haul truck (which is NOT fun driving through a snowstorm). My carpal tunnel, bad knee, bad back, and asthma held off long enough for us to get everything unloaded and return the truck, but by the time we got home I was hobbling badly and Hubby sweetly carried me from room to room several times. We broke in our new home with our favorite Papa John’s pizzas and The Hobbit: The Unexpected Journey on Blu-ray. Saturday was exhausting but we are proud of ourselves and grateful that God protected us during the storm. Since then I have been working practically non-stop around the house. The living room is painted (before and after pictures will be up at a probably much later date as I just want to focus on powering through the whole house); we finally have a real couch, which Mozzy is quite in love with; and everything has been put away neatly in the kitchen, until I start painting the cabinets and have to unload all the drawers. It is supposedly going to rain this weekend so today I am going to do as many small areas of painting as I can so it has a real chance to dry. Hubby loves the way I set up the living room but there is basically nowhere to stand now because I got fed up with missing all my books. I believe a few boxes are still in California but several hundred of my books are behind me happily releasing words into the atmosphere from the middle of our living room floor. Once I get our office painted I will start relocating some stacks but I still enjoy looking at them for now.  I just wanted to put up a quick update before I delve back into the mire of boxes and paint cans. I am hoping to have the majority of the house done by the end of next week and then I will spend some time putting together a decent post for everyone because, really, who does not love a good before and after?

For now try to make sure you enjoy yourself and amuse yourself with the thought of me pig-tailed, paint-covered, and singing show tunes at the top of my lungs.

(Random Aside: Long hair is WEIRD. I do not know how you people manage it.)


2 responses to “So You Want to Move During a Snowstorm?

  1. Wonderful. Sounds like you are having just toooo much fun! I cut a good 12″ off my hair. Love it. Am picturing you in my mind but my ears are having a hard time hearing you. BUT– I do have a great imagination. We are having a Big wind here. If it gets too bad we have nasty pile-ups on the interstate by our house. Haven’t got an advisory on my phone yet. Guess I won’t do my dusting today. It is always a waste of time here anyway. Nicky is up in the icy snow in Wyoming. Grandma might be out of her rehab the day before Christmas. Do love you so. Grandma

    • I dream of chopping off my hair again but Matt likes it longer so I’m going as long as I can for him. I doubt I’ll last much longer. We have had weather advisories almost every other day here. Snow, fog, rain, wind, tornado, humidity. We’re used to it already. Oh man it’s cold up there. Love you.

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