Still Going Around and Around and…

Yes. We are moving, yet again. Luckily we will still be in Indianapolis but we will be going from our beautiful North East side, to the older and stranger South West side. The good thing about this move is that we will be a little closer to our church. The great thing about this move is that we will be renting a house. The awesome thing about this move is that I will be painting and renovating said house. Our budget will have to be quite a bit tighter from now on, but for $50 more than we were paying for a one bedroom tiny condo in Cali, we will have a three bedroom house with a very healthy size yard. Thus the three-year stall on my nesting instincts will be unleashed in one fell swoop. Home Depot will probably feel a tremor when I pull into the lot. It is a good thing that I grew up with a mother who loved updating rooms, so I am not averse to spending hours painting walls.

There will also be several stops at op shops and flea markets to see what kind of goodies we can find since we have been without a dining table and office furniture for quite a while. We still do not have a couch but I am completely averse to used, upholstered furniture. Just thinking about the foreign germs and bugs makes me shudder. We will be able to get into the house in a few weeks to start working on it before we move in completely in mid-December. I will make sure to take ample pictures before I get started and keep updates going during the process. The good thing about doing this in the winter is that it keeps me limited to the inside of the house. The yards and garden will have to wait for spring. My only problem now is figuring out how to get the rest of my books from Cali. I have less than half with me now and it is very lonely.

Poor Mozzy will be very unhappy when I start packing everything up again soon. He hides under the bed all day when he suspects it. At least it will not be another 37 hour drive; just half an hour.
I am now off to start making lists and stare at cabinet knobs for too long.


2 responses to “Still Going Around and Around and…

  1. Too cute you are.   Looks like you will be having a lot of fun with this large progect.    I eventually go cross-eyed looking at knobs & crazy looking a paint colors.    Love you *****   Grandma

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