Knitting through Narnia

We had an incredibly busy Saturday but we managed to squeeze in a walk through a very small section of our very large city park. Eagle Creek Park is one of the largest city-owned parks in the country and it is breathtaking.
We already can not wait to go back and explore more of the park. It will be a lot of fun when the snow finally comes.

I am very happy with my productivity during October. It is now the last “official” day of the 30 Day Sweater Challenge and I am happy to be done even though I still need to block it. On top of starting and finishing my sweater, I managed to get six beanies and a nearly six-foot scarf completed. Today I am starting on boot toppers and some Christmas gifts. Hubby has gotten good news about his work and it has given us very welcome peace of mind. I am planning on working on a few sweater designs during November and I will definitely be doing more color work. Enjoying the park was an incredibly inspiring for new color schemes.
Recently most of the thoughts in my head have been pretty short and I am ok with that. It is refreshing to have things short and sweet and to be able to enjoy things without distractions.


One response to “Knitting through Narnia

  1. Long rambling thoughts will intrude soon enough. Like seven layer dip with tortilla chips, you need a pill. Enjoy your Lays classic.

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