Day 21: Powering Through

Last week was busy but productive. I completed my sweater for the 30 Day Sweater Challenge on Wednesday night. I have not been able to block it yet so I will post a picture once it is completely done. I am happy that I like it more than I thought I would since I went so far out of my comfort zone with the colors. I made it a little oversized as well as short sleeved so it will probably be a staple “comfy while doing housework” sweater during the new cold winters. I would have considered starting another sweater like so many other knitters are doing but the plethora of other projects I have going made that impossible. It is probably best that way anyway so Hubby does not lose all his patience with me by having to talk me down while I frog more work. Knitting everyday for at least eight hours for the past month has been a fairly dizzying experience. I certainly do not regret it but my hands will be happy to have a break for a while. My carpal tunnel has not acted up too severely, which has been extremely surprising to me, so hopefully it stays away while I plow through all the winter accessories we need.
During the marathon knitting over the past few weeks I have been powering through the seasons of Bones as well. I normally do not like forensic shows but I remembered a few of the episodes when it first aired and I am very glad I started it all over. I am in the middle of the last beanie I need to send out but it is a moss stitch worked with DK baby alpaca and is taking quite a while.
God has shown us in a crazy amount of ways that we are supposed to be out here and we are still in shock. It has definitely proved to us that God’s blessings are abundant. 


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