Day 14: Hats and Scarves and Sweaters, oh my…

The 30 Day Sweater Challenge is in full swing and certainly has not left me bored. I have done and redone the entirety of my work several times do to misunderstandings and a few typos in their math equations. Hopefully it comes out fairly well as my new comfy sweater for home chilling. Hubby has been very helpful in staying my major perfectionism so I do not restart AGAIN. When I redid it the first time I decided to take it in a little so it would not be so huge, hopefully what I have now will be a happy medium between skin-tight and my other massive sweaters. I also changed the stitch pattern and color placement. I was working it in a zig-zag stitch which I LOVED but with all the other projects I have going I did not want to risk throwing the pattern off more than the few small parts I already had (The Crow must have been captivating because several small chunks of my sweater were zigging and not zagging). It is now in plain old Stockinette. It is not exactly what I wanted but I want to be able to read or watch a movie while I work for so long, so I will suck it up for this first one and do Stockinette.
I am just over half done with the body. I am aiming to finish the body today or very early tomorrow morning. I have a number of hats to start and finish that need to be mailed to California so I want all of those out no later than Friday. I spent an hour pacing around The Knit Stop trying to find the perfect yarn and I was lucky to come out alive (and not in debt). I am excited to get the hats done, the yarn I found is gorgeous and so nice to work with and I am using patterns that are new to me so it is nice doing something different.
The gorgeous ball of blue at the top is 100% Baby Alpaca and I am petrified of working with it. I am going to love it. I cannot afford to love it. It is a very good thing that it is also not for me. So soft. So pretty. (Gulp) The Rowan Aran Wool is definitely one of my new favorite yarns. It is so soft and springy and the stitch definition is insane. I wanted to find something that would show off cables well and I had no idea it would be this gorgeous. I love beanies. Definitely my favorite thing to make. I also got a ball of Cascade in black to finally replace my favorite slouchy beanie (I am currently wearing) that is so worn and stretched that it is like a cornucopia’s drunk shadow. That will be a few weeks in coming though since I have the sweater, the beanies, and a Gryffindor scarf. The scarf is my current traveling project and I am very pleased with how it is working up.
The light makes the gold look very yellow. No, this is not a USC scarf (get outta here football). The color is much more subdued and richer than it is bright. It is a great mindless project though; a giant tube of Stockinette. This is my church project or time killer waiting for a store to open. Yes, I definitely knit in church. It is ridiculous how much it helps me focus on the message more. If my hands are not kept busy I tend to tense up and start making giant to-do lists in my head.  I believe knitting is a perfect way to keep people busy and focused. Once all of these projects are done I will start stash busting and making some new winter accessories for me and Hubby.

Where are you in your sweater challenge? If you think you cannot do it, stop it. You can and you should.


One response to “Day 14: Hats and Scarves and Sweaters, oh my…

  1. Those are adorable.    Keep your mind busy too.   Less time to think.    Had a wonderful time with your Mom & Dad & Bethany also.    Yeah for football.

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