Day 7: A Break for Inspiration

This is the back of my sweater so far. It is pretty bunched because of my shorter needle length. A little of my pattern got messed up on half of the front stripe, but it was nowhere near annoying enough to me to undo all that work. Again. I had to frog the whole project three times before even casting on all my stitches so at this point I do not mind if something looks a little wonky. I have no idea what I was doing that made me so confused for so long but I hope it was entertaining to me. Last night I finished my Raglan length and separated the arms from the body so most of the rest of my work is easy from here on out. We will see how it turns out. I probably will not like it much but I will be thrilled to have completed it and feel much more comfortable designing a better one for myself. I am very glad I invested in the 30 Day Sweater course, it explains almost everything perfectly and if it does not there are plenty of people willing to help you figure it out. Today is designated as the break or catch-up day. I am not behind so I am going to take a break on the sweater and start working on a friend’s Gryffindor scarf and hopefully get a little writing done.

The weather and our new surroundings (inside the home and out) have been inspiring me to do a million different things at once. The weather has been wet and cold all weekend, meaning new winter coats and a lot of lattes. Our new furniture pieces make me want to thrift more and have brought back my desperate desire to paint the walls (*shakes fist at apartments*).
My mother and I found this little side table at a local consignment shop. I normally do not like 70’s “modern” pieces but I really could not resist this one for $20. For now we have our overbearing TV on it and I have the drawer filled with all the random Xbox mess that always ends up on the floor.
The coffee sign was a birthday gift from my friend (LOVE IT AND YOU) and the red lamp is a clearance grab from Target, thanks to my mother. We love this lamp. It matches our telephone booth perfectly. IMG_0644
This is the new stool for our breakfast bar, again thanks to my parents. I love everything about this stool, classy industrial. Currently we have only one but we will probably pick up another so we can put off buying a dining set for longer.
I do not know why but this lamp is my favorite thing we got (another clearance grab!). It is not even plugged in right now but I love looking at it so much that it is just sitting on our coffee table until I finally find a place good enough for it. I am very picky with florals and I love everything about this shade. It makes me want to knit, photograph nature, deep clean everything, sew a dress, and drink coffee…all at the same time. It is slightly overwhelming emotion. I love all these new pieces. When we finally get somewhere “permanent” we will be surrounded by things that reflect us well. The day I can finally nest will be a frightening day for Hubby. The urge seems to only build on itself over the years. (*chuckles evilly*) For now: TO THE OP SHOPS MINIONS!

This is a great post from one of my favorite bloggers, Little Eco Footprints.


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