Day 1: Hockey and the 30 Day Sweater Challenge

After quite a lot of muttering to myself, talking at my mother, and an emergency re-measurement I have officially begun the 30 Day Sweater Challenge. Hopefully I am working the increases correctly and hopefully I will know for sure soon, so I do not get several inches in and have to frog it. I have estimated that I need to work a little over three inches of the Raglan increases tonight before bed. Hopefully it all goes smoothly and I can get it done before I start going cross-eyed. I am so excited to be knitting along with so many amazing knitters and the 30 Day Sweater Course is already completely indispensable to me. The collaboration between knitters and the encouragement from them is so great. I know I will very soon have more sweaters than I know what to do with. 

We have been having a great time with my parents visiting and I am happy they do not have to leave until this weekend. Thanks to them our apartment actually looks closely like an actual home. In a few days I will post a few pictures of some new furniture that have brought great character to the place (which is saying something since every room is lined with packing boxes). My mother picked out a two pretty lamps, one of which is extremely inspiring to me and you will see why. We took them downtown, of course, and explored a few places we had not yet been.
Today, while Hubby worked, I took them to the beautiful Daubenspeck park to walk around. The weather was perfect per usual.
1001131455  1001131458e
My mother obliged me and helped me dye my hair a few days ago so I am no longer yellow blonde. I decided to still stay away from my natural color and went with a light brown, very similar to Hubby’s color. We will see if the color changes keep the strong urge to chop all my hair off at bay. I found a new jacket on my birthday that I just love and after a sale and my discount it was nearly half off (that plus fitting perfectly means you absolutely have to buy it). I will try to get a few better picture of it with my other clothes as well. I definitely needed more Fall/Winter clothes and I happily put a small dent in that need the other day.
Even more exciting than the start of the 30 Day Sweater Challenge is the beginning of the regular hockey season. I love hockey. So much. Last year’s lockout was a nightmare for me and it was nowhere near satisfying. This year will be so much better, even with the major conference changes and the few small regulation changes. I will watch any team play if the Kings are not playing and tonight we are watching the second of two games available to view, Jets vs. Oilers. (Go Jets!) We watched the Maple Leaves vs. The Canadiens earlier and that was a very good game. Parros was injured badly in the last period and prayerfully he will be ok soon. I am all for safety but I also do NOT want them to ban fighting completely. It has been such an important part of the game for so long that I think the sport would really be hurt if they took it away. It will also be fun driving my truck around with my Kings stickers plastered on the back window. Most Indianians seem to prefer the Blackhawks (poor misguided Hoosiers).

I will post a picture of my sweater progress again at the end of the week and hopefully it will be fairly substantial. Happy knitting!
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One response to “Day 1: Hockey and the 30 Day Sweater Challenge

  1. Nice pictures.   Sounds like you are going to be spending a lot of time with the yarn.   Sure glad your mom & dad can stay awhile.    Grandma’s surgery is schedualed for Nov. 26th.   Glad she won’t have to do anything or go anywhere for Thanksgiving.   There is still a chance they could move up her date if there is a cancellation.   Love you


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