Coffee Dripping Calories

Since the beginning of the month I have been going out of my way to try to consume at least 1900 calories a day and I have been doing pretty well. I have not been able to track all of my meals properly lately but I am still making myself eat when I normally would not bother, so I am staying satisfied with that. I have also been following one of my Nerd Fitness routines fairly regularly and this week will be tailoring a slightly better one for myself. I can happily see small changes here at there from what I have been doing, though it is much slower than I would like. That is what you have to come to terms with though when you do not have access to equipment that will let you do anything more than very basic body weight exercises. We do not even have a doorway in this apartment that will work for a pull up bar, so I am stuck with awkward push ups. The fact that I can not do the strength training I have been wanting to has gotten me down more than a few times, but I have to come right back up because even this basic stuff is more than I was doing before. What I am doing now is much better than doing nothing. I tried going back to my yoga routine last Wednesday and I do not know if I am going to do it again. I love my yoga so if it is starting to hurt me I am going to be upset but for some reason it really killed my shoulders; not my muscles like they were sore from a workout but it felt like the joint itself was aching. I do not know if it is possible that my carpal tunnel has decided to hate yoga as well but it kept me from doing any of the other workouts I do until today. I will not be pushing myself too much this week because Hubby hurt his back yesterday and I want to make sure I do not strain anything so I can take care of him properly.

img138  img139
(I’ve known where the good calories are at since birth. Good job, Me.)

This morning I am enjoying the fall air along with one of my last cups of Kati Kati. (Bummer for my diet that black coffee is only 5 calories.) Old school Linkin Park is playing happily in the background and Mozzy is already napping under a closed ladder leaning against our wall. Last week were my mom’s and brother-in-law’s birthdays, today is my oldest sister’s (HAPPY BIRTHDAY), and next week is mine. My parents are leaving either today or tomorrow to start their trip out here so by the end of the week I will get to see my parents for the first time since June. We will be having way too much fun next week. I am really praying the humidity drops a little so I will not have too much trouble being out and about a lot. Either way it will be fun.
The resolution I made a few weeks ago about enjoying the things I have and not hating myself is going extremely well. I have been much happier and much less stressed in general. Plenty of difficult things have happened and I have been able to let them go and smile through them. It has made a shocking difference in my life and I know it will only get better from here. God has been faithful like He always is and I have been able to see that much faster than I normally would. You were not given life to live it miserably. I have been fiddling with a new app on my iPad, making wallpapers for my bestie (who has made the resolution with me) and myself to help remind us to shut up and smile.


For now I am off to eat a lot, workout a little, and straighten up the little I can for my parents and my sore hubby.

Smile through your Monday.


One response to “Coffee Dripping Calories

  1. Good Lord girl. You must be bored & have way too much time to think. I would have liked to have excersise equipment but have never had room. I do track my calories all of the way from the kitchen to my plate. From there I lose count. Love you If that is the original rocker in the picture, Grandpa Cahoon bought it when your Mom was a baby.


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