Chocolate and the Fall Crisp

Today was officially the first day of my Fall happy dance. The hottest point of the day was 62 degrees; thanks to a habit contracted from my mother, that means opening all the windows and doors to let the crisp, cold air in so I can bundle up in sweaters and comfy tights. Even without the leaves changing yet, everything feels like Fall. Thanks to my wise Grandmother’s information, today was International Chocolate Day which meant dragging Hubby out after work to get my sugar fix and celebrate the perfect weather day. It only gets better from here and I am so excited.

In preparation/celebration for the 30 Day Sweater Challenge next month I bought my first pair of Knitter’s Pride circs, since my current circs the right size are still forlornly holding another project (and they are cheap interchangables with a heinous excuse for a join). I can not wait to break them in and listen to the wood click. I have been knitting test swatches (and watching the Rescuers movies. R.E.S.C.U.E!) most of the day trying to decide what stitches I want to use and there are still quite a few I want to try out. I do not want to get myself in too deep with complicated patterns I have not done yet but I also want to challenge myself a little more. I will start some cable swatches after I get some chocolate in my system. I personally do not mind gauge swatching in and of itself. The thing that bothers me about it is the fact that the things I make almost always take it down to the wire with the amount of yarn I need.
IMG_0605  IMG_0606
For this challenge I do not have the money to spend on specialty yarns, especially when it is just going to be a sweater for me, so I am using Caron Simply Soft and I have plenty of partial skeins that I can use to swatch. As acrylics go, Caron has been my favorite; it is durable, the color keeps, and it blocks wonderfully. I made a replica Ravenclaw scarf last year for someone (oy vey, it was nearly five and a half feet long in the round, plus tassels) and the yarn showed the stitches perfectly after the nightmare of blocking.
I do love trying new stitches though and this weather is bursting with inspiration. I want to knit a hundred things at once and I wish I could. (Hubby has already legitimately banned me from having more than three projects going at one time.) So this month will be filled with swatches and hopefully a long overdue sweater tee.


2 responses to “Chocolate and the Fall Crisp

  1. Grandmas are to learn from. Also to dump on. We are great listeners. Also we know how to keep mum. Aren’t we great? Sure do miss you. Love


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