The Best Month is Busy and the Next Month is A Challenge

Today I finally made my eco-friendly glass cleaner and I could not be happier with it. It is the easiest and cheapest thing to make.
All you need: 1 spray bottle, equal parts vinegar and water, essential oils (optional)
My spray bottle takes about three cups of liquid so I did a cup and a half of vinegar and a cup and a half of water. I used about 10 drops of rosemary oil since it has that pleasant camphor aroma that helps with my asthma and sinuses; so instead of holding my breath while I spray toxins in the air, I can actually breath deeper than I normally do. As well as being non-toxic it is so much more affordable to make your own, even with buying essential oils (I stocked up several months ago for my other cleaners). You can get a large container of vinegar for under $3 at any store and if need be you can use a spray bottle from a dollar store. Those are the only necessities though I do recommend getting a few oils, they go a long way and many of them are under $5. Of course it would be much better to use glass bottles instead of plastic, but why bother when you probably have some old brand name bottles already under your sink?Re-use your empty Windex or 409 bottles instead of tossing them out.

This is going to be a very busy month and I can not wait for it to get going. 

This is still my all time favorite costume my mom ever made for me and, yes, I would absolutely wear it in an adult size if I could (HINT HINT MOM).

September is the big birthday month. My mother, my oldest sister, and my birthday are all exactly one week apart; my bestie’s birthday as well as a brother-in-law’s and a few other friends are also shoved in there. I know I am comparatively not anywhere near being old but I am well past the point that I bother thinking about my age. I think about it so little that I actually forget how old I am and on the rare occasion someone does ask me, I have to stand there awkwardly as I count and try to recall what year it currently is.

My parents are coming out for a visit this month and I am so excited to show them around all our new favorite places. My poor father will have to sit through at least one trip to the Knit Shop but he knows what he got himself into. We will also have to figure out some more user-friendly seating arrangements since we are still waiting for more permanent living arrangements before we go get a new couch. The leaves will change fairly soon and I will probably outside with my camera non-stop. The feeling of fall is starting to permeate the air and I suddenly have the desire to smell cinnamon (which is not something I generally like) and dark chocolate (which is a heavenly smell). I am very close to finishing my first sweater, which will probably not fit well at all since I did not do a gauge swatch and I am still running out of yarn. I will be so glad to have it done though and I am so excited for my next project. The amazing people at New Stitch A Day have designed an awesome workshop for designing and knitting your own sweater, 30DaySweater. They take you through a step-by-step process of knitting a top-down Raglan sweater. They are having a contest next month to knit a sweater in 30 days and there will be a whole array of amazing prizes. I am so excited to enter the contest. It begins on my birthday and I will be documenting my progress during the entire month of October. Hopefully I can come up with a flattering and eye-catching sweater design, but it will be fun just being involved in something this big either way.


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