Twenty-Nine Years Ago: The Beginning of the End

Twenty-nine years ago today my parents got married. Little did they know that six years later they would create me, the destroyer of worlds! (muahahaha) Before me however, and my older sisters as well I suppose, they were just a disgustingly attractive young couple.

Isn’t she the cutest thing?!

Twenty-nine years later they are a disgustingly attractive older couple. Good job, Parents, for being married AND being pretty, way to set the bar. I am happy for them both and very proud to have such amusing parents. We are an “eclectic” family and it makes everything so much more interesting. God certainly meant for them to be together (not just to bring me into the world). They have helped so many people around them that it makes me glad I grew up learning from them. My mother homeschooled all three of us until we went to college and we were always out doing something if we were not doing school. Between athletics, Girl Scouts, and family camping trips we made so many memories that I hope to be able to remember every single thing once I get to heaven. How amazing would it be to have every little inside joke FOR ETERNITY. Nothing is ever perfect in life, including family, but I would rather have my family than anyone else’s, even with all the bad. Anyway, I will stop bragging about my awesome parents…for now.

Hubby and I have still been playing a lot of Final Fantasy XIII. We both restarted our games since it had been so long since we last played. It is just as fun the second time and the graphics still blow my mind. The combat game play is probably the best I have experienced. It is an incredibly long game, much longer than anything Hubby usually plays, but I prefer long games (hence the love of WoW). Since the beginning of the week I have gotten a small section of my book done but I have been trying to focus primarily on finishing the sweater I started so long ago. It is very slow going and that is frustrating but hopefully it will be worth all that effort. I have six more stripes of stockinette with a fingering weight yarn and then I believe I start the sleeves (*gulp*). Stockinette is great when you do not want to concentrate so I usually watch Hubby play games or we turn on Fraser.

Hubby has been blessed with a new job opportunity and he starts this coming week. It will be odd not having him working from home anymore, but I suppose it will be a little easier to focus on writing during the day.

Make an effort to genuinely ENJOY your weekend. Go read a book.
My reading list this weekend: Georgette Heyer’s The Wicked Uncle (finished yesterday), Charity Girl, and A Civil Contract.


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