Bragging Rights

This post is going to be filled with exaggerated statements because that is what bragging is. Saying that my nephew and nieces are the CUTEST BEINGS TO EXIST ON THE PLANET is obviously an exaggeration (though if you knew them you would actually know that it really is just an, AS YET, unproven fact); but this is my blog so I get to “exaggerate” as much as I want. I am the youngest of three girls and my oldest sister has three adorable children. James is now six and has had a busy little life. He was born several months early, weighing only three pounds, so he had a long NICU stay. He grew quickly and has surpassed most of his peers in size. He is a big goofball and the cutest little man I know. My niece Lia, three, made me fall in love with little girls. I had always grown up with guy friends and all the babies I was around most and liked the most had been boys. The first time I held Lia I literally could not stop smiling at her and to this day I barely look away from her when she is in the room. Daphne, two, is a little me (frightening thought). She can wrap anyone around her tiny finger and she is going to be dangerous when she gets older. There is nothing in the world I have seen that is cuter than her little button nose squinching up when she giggles evilly. She was a trouble maker before she was even born. The dear little angel decided she wanted to be born, not on her due date (which we had pushed our wedding back for), but the day before Hubby and I got married the following week; so my oldest sister was not released from the hospital in time to come to our wedding. Though it is now much easier to remember how old she is or how long we have been married when my brain does not feel like working. All three of them are talkers (a genetic gift from my sister) and it is always fun listening to them.


Our middle sister is now pregnant and I am terrified of how gorgeous this kid is going to be. Considering who my sister and brother-in-law the baby will probably come out singing instead of crying. February is becoming an even busier month now. I can not wait to find out the sex of the baby. I already have one project request from them that will be fun working on; her husband is a huge Superman fan so I am sensing there is going to be a big theme…even if it is just from me. (TRENDSETTER!) I love the announcement they sent out last week. Her husband works for Apple so this was perfect for them.
I have already completed a few projects to send out to the mass of pregnant women in my life. The count is now at twelve and I am sure it is not done yet. (Obviously my previous request was completely ignored and subsequently laughed at. Touché ladies…touché.) I cannot wait to meet my new little one though; I accept the stereotype of being a woman who loves to hold new babies.

I have been laid up for the past two weeks with bronchitis and sinusitis. Every time I get sick it goes to my lungs and tries to kill me. Luckily the urgent care by us is great and never as busy as it was back in California. Sadly, Hubby is now getting sick and I am really hoping it does not get as bad as mine did. So after two urgent care trips and four prescriptions I am finally getting better. The difficulty now is finding a general practitioner for myself (curse my health). While I have been sick Hubby showed me the Fable arcade games on our Xbox. I do not like games of luck but they are perfect when you do not want to really think about much. Mindless games are nice when you are sick. I still need to finish Resident Evil 4. I am close to the end so I may spend some time this weekend, in between writing and baby presents, to finish it up. My soundtrack for the rest of this month and, let’s be honest, probably next month as well is the new Civil Wars album. A solid second album and it inspires a lot of creativity. I am also very excited for the new Jars of Clay album that is soon to be released. They are also producing it on vinyl and I am über excited.

Never go through your week without surrounding yourself with things that inspire you.


2 responses to “Bragging Rights

  1. All I can say is you are a riot & right on about the kids. You are the most wondeful & trippiest one I know. You didn’t get it all from me. Hmm. Happy life to you. You have surely blessed mine. Enough of the sweet talk. I am off to terrorize the town. Beware Walmart. You are first on my hit list. I have sorely been deprived of Pepsi & chocolate. Grandma


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