Short and Not So Sweet

Things tend to never go as planned in my life and that is ok. Our houseguest has gone home and sadly left his germs here with me. I have been basically useless and entirely immobile for the last three days with horrible throat pain and sinus pressure. This past hour is the longest I have been vertical in a long while and I can feel it coming quickly to an end. I am about to make some hot tea before I collapse again. I have been sick so often over the last few years that it is very difficult for me to think of times that I was well and I wish I did not have to put Hubby through all this trouble. Since I cannot really change it, however, I must deal the best I can. This time dealing with it has involved a lot of Resident Evil 4 (yay for nostalgia bombs!) and far too much Scrubs. I was extremely upset I was too sick for us to go to church for the midweek study last night, I was really looking forward to it; so now I am angrily willing the germs to leave my body and die in a fire.

Two awesome things have happened since I have been sick though. My older sister and her husband finally got to announce their first baby, a soon to be disgustingly adorable iSpinell Mini (coming February 2014). My next post will be thoroughly filled with nephew/niece gloating (of existing children and the one on the way), more baby projects, and hopefully less germs.
My best friend, the new Mrs. Gilbert, also graciously invited me to be a guest writer on her new blog, A Young Wife’s Guide to Life, and we are very excited to get everything up and running. I will be on a major blogging binge when I am finally better, but until then enjoy life and DO NOT GET SICK.


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