Cloudy Days and Gamer Rage


This is definitely a lazy week. A friend from California arrived on Tuesday to stay with us for a week. We took him around Monument Plaza for several hours on Wednesday and found Hubby a local tea house so he could get his Boba fix on the way home. The humidity was particularly bad that day so I was fighting a losing battle against my asthma all day; by the time we got home we were wiped out. Yesterday was our guest’s twentieth birthday so Hubby took him to see the new Wolverine movie and to pick up an ice cream cake. I am not a fan of the X-Men series and I must say I am not a fan of ice cream cake either, though every man I have met seems to prefer it to real cake. I do not get it at all. Our guest also discovered he was coming down with something, so today I have grounded him and he is trapped in bed with a very nasty head cold. My energy has been totally wiped and all motivation for productivity has been shot with a twelve gauge by dim sunlight, too much sugar, and a month and a half of over sleeping (I absolutely hate over sleeping and if I get anything over six hours I turn into a zombie all day). Last night I managed to work up a cute baby turban and I will see if I can bring myself to do another today (it does not look promising though). The pressure behind my eyes and the dirty dishes in the kitchen making me grumpy will probably succeed in pinning me against a pile of pillows with twenty-two year old episodes of Clarissa Explains It All, graciously provided by Amazon Prime. Between bouts of unconsciousness our guest taught me how to play Euchre, a trick taking card game. I had actually never heard of it until today and it is very enjoyable. We each won a round before he decided to nap again and we will see if I can get Hubby to play sometime.

I have taken a short break from writing this week as all of last weekend was taken up with the arduous task of typing up the rough draft of my first section. It is 11,218 words later and I think my brain is broken. I have had a dull headache all week and any advanced thought has been beyond my reach. I am expecting feedback on the draft next week so I will try to kickstart things then and not worry about it for now.

Hubby is back to replaying The Last of Us and is thoroughly engrossed. Let me take just a moment to express my outrage with Square Enix that they would dare release Kingdom Hearts 3 on the PS4. I have been waiting for this game for eleven years. I was nearly giddy when they finally announced its official release and I actually did yell when I realized it was only on the next-gen consoles. I am discriminated against and I am currently plotting their downfall unless a PS4 magically appears outside my door; because lets face it, the Xbox One is just a $500 stalker box (good job Microsoft). I grew up playing the Kingdom Hearts games and have never played more straight hours of any other game, that is including WoW.

We have still been using our Paleo meal plans provided by eMeals and have loved almost every recipe. I tweaked a few of the sides to better suit our tastes, but overall everything has been very good. We now know that we both love Asparagus, especially when it is covered in fresh orange juice and garlic. Tonight I will be trying my first shellfish, scallops, and lets hope I do not finally have a food allergy. So I am now off to attempt to cook scallops and hopefully not die.

Here are a few things I wonder about:

  • How is it possible for any person alive to not like The Goonies (*glares at Hubby*)?
  • Why is it that every time I wash a load of dishes another one appears not twenty minutes later?
  • Why do my two bottom front teeth hurt every time my asthma acts up?
  • How much sick glee do the writers of crosswords get when they design a ridiculously ambiguous puzzle?

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