Meal Plans and Thrift Shops

I love cooking. I always have. Before I decided on studying international business I was going to go to culinary school (in Ireland). I ended up not pursuing it was because I discovered I wanted to cook for my family and friends, not for hundreds of strangers everyday. The thing I do not love about cooking (and that I do not do well) is meal planning and grocery lists. They stress me out and I do not enjoy a minute of it. I stumbled across eMeals last week and we are very excited to try it out. We signed up for three months to see if it will work for us and I am really praying it does. We are trying the Paleo meals first (Steve recommends this diet and since I used to be vegan I am sure this will be easy) and we went this morning to get all of the groceries for the week. They have so many different meal plans and you can switch between them anytime you want. We spent more than we normally would for the week but mainly because of staples we needed to buy and keep stocked. Tonight is a dry-rubbed pork shoulder in the crockpot (which is just barely big enough) and it smells divine. I will also be making a fresh Memphis slaw to go with it so we will see how I do with that. I do not like coleslaw but I am willing to try it and I definitely do not mind making it if Hubby will like it and eat it. I will also be trying scallops for the first time so this week will be a fun adventure. I hope we end up liking the Paleo diet, as it would be helpful with my muscle building, but as long as I do not have to meal plan any more I will do many happy dances in the days to come.

Side note: We went to Sams Club the other day and Hubby discovered (after 5 years together) that I can moonwalk. I do not know how he went so long being unaware of that fact and I am ashamed that it happened. I clearly do not moonwalk enough in my daily life. This shall be remedied. Also, Sams floors are GREAT for moonwalking.

I had a random urge on Monday to go to Goodwill and try to find some nice sheets to repurpose. I have been inspired to use them for cute dresses and nothing beats thrift store prices. The store down the street from us did not have much but I did score a queen size Ralph Lauren sheet for $3. It is a nice heathered blue and 100% cotton.  I also picked up a white fitted sheet for $2 to dismantle and keep for lining in the future. I can not wait to find a few more stores and hopefully make some good finds.

Last Saturday (when I went crazy and dyed my hair pink) my best friend got married. The wedding date was originally for October and I was going to fly out to be in the wedding, but life happened (as it always does) and it was best for them to just go down to the beach with their families. I am infinitely sad that I could not be there to take a ridiculous amount of photos and give everyone headaches with our high-speed, non-stop conversations; but she looked beautiful and I am so happy for her that it takes almost every ounce of true suck out of the situation. Plans change so much in life that you might as well get used to it. I will not be going back to California in October, since the main reason for going is now gone and this way we can save more money. I am sad I will not be seeing my friends and family but this will create a better opportunity to visit when Hubby can come too.

Yesterday I successfully completed the first portion of my book. I will be organizing it all and typing it up tomorrow to send to my big sister so she can edit it for me (LOVES YOU). I am sure I will change and add quite a few things but to have this much done to my satisfaction surprises and pleases me. I am hoping to have the next section done by the end of August, but we will see. We have a friend coming to visit next week for ten days so I am sure we will be busy doing things with him and I will not be writing much.

I am now off to make some coleslaw and then sit down with a new book, The Hungarians: A Thousand Years of Victory and Defeat. My mother knows me too well. Her care packages are getting creepy good.


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