Fields of Yellow, Green…and Pink?

The past few days have been a little more filled than in the past few weeks. We ran some errands and explored the city a little more. I lucked out and got a cute dress from H&M for $5 on clearance and Hubby got a pair of jeans for the same. I am all for cheap clothes. One of my new favorite places in the world is the Daubenspeck Community Nature Park. It is shockingly gorgeous out there and we had a great time walking around and looking at the flowers and freakishly large bees. Hubby was very enthralled with the bees. I have decided to let my mind forget about things when we are out doing something. Too much is held onto in my brain and I turn into a tense mess with a lot of quirks. We went to the park and all I really thought was, “Oooooh! Pretty flowers!” and “My mom is going to love this.” (To be honest, “I FORGOT THE BUGSPRAY!!!! AAAAAAGH!!!” was also in there semi-frequently.)


DSC_0149 Me in my new dress.  DSC_0076


We walked around for a while and then stopped for dinner on our way home to watch a scary movie (Hubby hates scary movies and lovingly put up with it for me). The weather has been absolutely perfect over the last few days, staying in the 70’s with a warm sun and a cool breeze. Today was especially nice. We spent time outside Starbucks, talking and getting me some much-needed vitamin D. We went to see Red 2 this week and were very happy with it. It was just as good as the first, if not better and two tickets being cheaper than the price of just one in So Cal was VERY pleasant. I may be willing to go see things a little more often now, though I still do not like sitting in theaters to watch things. 

I have been spending a lot of time researching houses in different areas of Kentucky and figuring out where we would like to be after our lease is up here. There are a lot of great little places down there and hopefully it will not take too long to get a decent down payment saved, but God provides for us no matter what. He has proved himself to us in so many ways over the last few months that it makes me feel even more undeserving. Whatever happens in life will happen and I am not going to waste energy worrying about it. With all the time researching houses and knit patterns, my brain is starting to fry like an egg (sunny-side up only thank you). I FINALLY decided to use a basic garter stitch for one of the baby blankets so it will be nice and cushy. It is taking me far too long to make decisions about anything lately, so this is refreshing and I am going to let my mind relax a little bit (before I snap and possibly turn rabid).  

Hubby has been working practically non-stop since we got here and I hope he does not end up over doing it. He always takes care of me. I have been having a rough time lately with certain things and he has gone above and beyond helping me smile. Today I went a little crazy and he sat for several hours waiting for me to get out of a hair appointment. 


I now have a full head of pink (and a lovely shade of peach thanks to my stubborn hair laughing in the face of the two bleach treatments) and I could not be happier. 
I have never really dyed my hair before and I am glad I did it. I will probably not keep it up because I am too cheap to keep paying for it, but I will certainly enjoy it while it lasts. I never do anything by halves (clearly) and my stylist certainly had her hands full with me. Indiana is very conservative and I am sure I will rub people the wrong way but, seriously, who cares? There is never any point in letting people’s negativity over such trivial things affect you. The rest of this lovely weekend will be spent knitting a baby blanket (meaning taking a lot of breaks and working up more leg warmers), drinking Pepsi while watching Scrubs (or Hubby playing more Borderlands 2), and listening to Hubby call me ‘Pinky’.

What do you do when you need to go a little crazy?


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