Baby Crazy Coffee Rings

My life is becoming a series of coffee and tea rings on random scraps of paper. I do not know how I manage it but with almost every cup of coffee or morning tea I manage to leave a mark, if not a whole ring on whatever paper I am using as a coaster (it is a good thing I never use important paper). It does not make sense to me. I am a very clean person. I may not be able to keep things as tidy as I like lately with all the moving and lack of furniture, but I remain very clean; no crumbs, no spilling, no trash. I am not a particularly clumsy person. I do not step on things or knock things over or bump into things very often; but the rings…they follow me. It used to annoy me as I hate any unneeded marks on my paper, but at this point I just laugh at myself and move on. I am sure you have noticed that this year everyone has been baby CRAZY. So many friends/family/acquaintances have had, or are going to have, babies that I am slightly shocked there is anyone left in the world NOT pregnant. This phenomenon happens about every three years in my experience and for the next two years there are going to be a million maternity photos and baby photos to sort through until the next batch of babies pop out. I always think that the next time I will be prepared and have all my gifts planned and ready when the shower or appropriate sending time comes. Ha. Ha. I am still trailing sadly behind in my progress on baby clothes/blankets and whenever I think I am just about on top of things, another baby is announced. SLOW DOWN PEOPLE! This is not Sleeping Beauty. Blankets are not just going to lovingly knit themselves! So, in kindness to me, please hold off all of your future family plans so I can prepare your presents in a timely fashion. Thank you.

Today I managed to write an entirely new scene for my book between bouts of baby leg warmers (Lil’ Kicks has saved my life). It is definitely a rough scene and I will need to flesh it out quite a bit and add more imagery, but I got through most of the dialogue, which is where I have the most trouble, and I am happy enough with the results. I cannot, for my life, come up with anything if I am using just a computer. I can blog well enough but when it comes to my books I absolutely have to have a pen and paper. I also take copious and very random notes as I am thinking things through so my drafts would be surrounded by chunks of random sentences or ideas. Since I lost one of my notebooks I decided to reorganize my work completely and thanks to Office Max I am very pleased with the solution. I now have three journals; one each for my two main characters and a separate one for all my random notes (no more psycho killer scribbles all over my pages). Not having to worry about losing ideas or ruining my precious paper (I have a very strange obsession with paper and other school supplies, no judging) has really helped me focus on my work and it is refreshing having new material to work with. My “Notes” journal still has weird sideways writing and random lists but at least it is not mucking up my official rough drafts…
Today I will finish the leg warmers quickly thanks to my new pair of Addi Turbos. I went back to the Knit Stop and got a pair of 40″ so I could try out the magic loop method. Bless the ladies that developed it. It is a little troublesome with my yarn always wrapping around the cord but it is much better than dealing with DPNs for any length of time. The Addi Turbo Lace cords are perfect for using the magic loop, being plenty flexible without twisting too much.
Notice Mozzy is being very particular about NOT playing with the cable. He failed epically at acting nonchalant while I was taking my pictures. I normally prefer black and grays when I make things for myself so I have been trying to branch out lately and put some color into my wardrobe. The Cascade Superwash on the bottom left looks red in the picture but it is actually a very burnt orange and has been in my stash for a long time. The gorgeous pink on the right and the blue Rowan are new and I absolutely had to have them. I never wear pink, but this was just too pretty to pass up so I hope I can pull it off. The two Rowans are mostly cotton and the strands are braided so even a basic pattern will have some dimensionality. I am thinking about trying out some striped wrist warmers with them. Thanks to Brooklyn Tweed I have finally found a few patterns that hubby would be happy to wear so I will be looking to stock up on yarn and see how quickly I can work them up for the snowy winters out here. Snow will certainly be a new experience for us (and my poor truck *gulp*).

Hubby was kind enough to spend part of his lunch finishing a few of my quests in Borderlands 2 for me. They have been annoying me for a very long time and I am very glad to have them finally out of the way. LOVE YOU, BABE. It was nice when we had two TVs and we would set them up next to each other and play our separate games together; that was actually the majority of our honeymoon. Go us. Well, that and buying furniture. We chose to buy a couch instead of go somewhere. With all of the knitting, writing, game playing, and typing I have been doing, my carpal tunnel has been going haywire. I have had it since I was fifteen (thank you genetics) and I have a box full of ace bandages and arm braces. I used to load up on ibuprofen and that helped a lot more than the bandages, but my stomach is not happy with that anymore. So I am left with pain and having to take it very easy for days on end when it gets too bad, but you get used to it and eventually I may think about surgery. On another note: Mozzy is currently being incredibly cuddly and has delayed this posting, again, by several minutes. You just can’t go without petting a cuddly cat. He is now trying to pin my hands down with his paws when I try to type. He just keeps getting cuter.

We checked out a church yesterday and liked it quite a bit, I really missed listening to a Calvary Chapel pastor, it was really refreshing. It was smaller than we expected but everyone was very friendly and we enjoyed ourselves. I grew up at Harvest Christian Fellowship so I was used to being around thousands of people (ironic with my anxiety problems). I thought Hubby’s home church in Corona was small, there were about 600 members when I first started going; God is blessing them abundantly and they have been growing steadily since then. This new church has about 100 people, at least that is how many were there yesterday. We may check out a few other places but I think we will probably like this one the most. I am going to be spending some of my time looking into where we will be living next year since we were never planning on staying in Indiana. It is hard to make any real plans without knowing where we will be financially or what will be best for Hubby’s job, but we need to at least know where we want to start looking. Moving sucks and to quote Scott Pilgrim, “But it’s haaaaaaard.” I am not too concerned about it though; God always puts us where we need to be and Hubby is pretty great at eventually knowing where that is.


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