No, really! A moose once bit my sister…

As any responsible adult should, I am currently eating macaroni and cheese and watching Tangled. I do this very regularly and I have no shame of it whatsoever. Next to Snow White it is probably my favorite Disney movie. Hubby can attest to how many times I have seen this movie since it has been released. NO SHAME!

“Something brought you here Flynn Ryder. Call it what you will…Fate…Destiny”
“A Horse.”

A few months ago I bought hubby and I t-shirts for our second anniversary and I still have not gotten a decent picture of him in his, but my sister and I had a photo session together before we moved and a few singles of me came out decently showing off my new favorite shirt (my Pepsi tattoo almost perfectly matches my shirt >: ]) . VIVA LA NERDOLUTION! I am still very disappointed that my bestie and I could not go to this year’s Nerd HQ. We were going to apply to volunteer but it was too late. I shall just have to stem the flow of sorrow with another new favorite shirt, darn. *looks over new merchandise*

I have happily been productive lately and I am almost done with my first pair of yoga socks. I had never done socks before so this was a very good first project to work on.
I finished one and shall probably finish the second tomorrow. I was going to post a picture of the completed one but I decided my feet are not the most attractive things to photograph, so you are welcome. I normally never do anything pink for myself, but this yarn was on clearance and very comfy.

“All at once, everything looks different. Now that I see you. Now that I see yooooooooouuuuu.”

Once I finish these socks I should probably start working on my sweater tee that I has taken me far longer than it should; I never spend enough time on it. I have been dreading working on it more since the yarn I am using has been discontinued and I have a sinking feeling I am going to need at least one more skein of black. I really do not want to spend a lot of time trying to find a decent match, but eventually it has to happen, might as well be now. I am proud of it so far, I just hope I have been doing the increases properly.
For the rest of today though I think I shall play some video games with hubby now that he is home from work and then pump some iron *Mr. Universe flex*. I have been extremely lax with my Nerd Fitness routines since we have moved and now I am trying to slowly work back into things. The humidity here is extremely hard on me with my asthma so it has me paranoid to do much of anything. That should can not keep me from my goals though, especially since we live twenty feet away from the Monon (a giant biking/running/walking trail that circles the entire city). The little that I have done since I first joined the Rebellion has paid off, however. I first noticed it when I was able to, fairly easily, pull myself up into a tree while taking pictures with my sister.

Look, Mom, I am in a tree! That is my beautiful big sister below me. She was also in the tree at one point but she kindly came to help me down since I was silly and paranoid about scratching up the tattoo on my foot.
I was so happy that I was strong enough to haul myself into that tree that it definitely gave me incentive to keep going.
So I shall press on and then KNIT ALL THE THINGS!


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