Chapter 16: In Which a Million Little Things Don’t Get Done and the Rebels…Is That A Moose?!

I am a list maker. I am amazing at making lists. I rarely have enough time to do anything, let alone everything, from the lists I make but I like to smile at them and say, “What a lovely list of things I need/want to do.” Several days later as I pass by the unchanging, never-shortening list, I decide to put the old list to rest and write a newer, prettier one. Today was going to be a productive day. Last night I had a lot of good plans for today. Today I look back on last night, pat it on the head and say, “So cute.” I will, of course, get little things done here at there; do the dishes, pick up trash and clutter, etc. However I will not be getting any large projects done that I have been looking forward to. My mind is having a very, very distracted day. I am not quite in the mood to do anything concrete so I am flitting around a little listlessly, hoping I will find something to concentrate on longer than five minutes. I hate days like this. I like being focused. As it stands, however, I am stuck. So with my random mood I shall talk about random things.

First and foremost, Starbucks finally came to their senses and named a coffee after me. Let me just tell you, I am delicious. You should try some; perfect for a mellow morning.
Secondly, I am having the WORST time trying to decide what to make with my gorgeous new yarns from the Knit Stop. If you have any suggestions, please, send them my way. I spent hours yesterday on Ravelry and still could not make a decision. I have almost 800 yds of a gorgeous green fingering weight that is taunting me.
Thirdly, I got Hubby hooked on my favorite Anime show, Fairy Tail, (Ahem: “I WIN ALL THE THINGS EVAR”) so we have been watching that off an on for a few days. It will turn into what happened when I discovered Sherlock for the first time; I shall slowly infect all those around me and they shall love it and infect those around them. I plan on taking over the world in the same manner, beware.
Fourthly and etc., among the long list of knitting projects I want to start (not enough needles and not enough time) I also want to: watch The Hobbit, finish my current Terry Pratchett, Wintersmith (if you have never read Terry Pratchett, I implore you, do so and your life will brighten considerably), teach Hubby how to play chess (and then subsequently lose to him forever after), and start chipping away at more of my missing book sections. There will never be enough time in the day, so I must find a new system of scheduling. As for the rest of today, I shall pray and just do what I can.

Now that we happily have internet, Hubby is working more from home and I have been able to start video chatting with my family and friends. That helps close the distance quite a bit. Our little nephew and nieces are thoroughly entertaining, even over video. Before we left California I needed a new phone and it ended up being cheaper to get a smart phone rather than another “dumb” phone that I wanted. So I have been struggling and muttering under my breath for the past two weeks trying to get the hang of the stupid phone and about the only thing I have loved about it so far is the ringtone app. I wasted a lot of time personalizing my family’s ringtones and I am going to take a stand and say it was worth it. My mother just called me and the ’60s Batman theme made me smile immediately and get excited to talk to my mom at the same time.

The rest of my day will most likely be staring at more patterns and reading. What do you do on your random days?


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