Thirty-seven Hours and the Eight States of Hell


It has been a very long ten days and as of an hour ago we finally have internet. I was planning on having my next blog all written and ready to go so I would not get too behind, but I look back at my past self and laugh hysterically. Hubby’s parents went above and beyond helping us get out here. They drove with us thirty-seven hours straight across the country and across eight states. I will die a very happy person never having to do that again. I have never been able to sleep in a moving vehicle and I get sick if I try to do anything other than carefully watch out the window. We left Southern California on the 28th and arrived at our new apartment in Indianapolis around two o’clock in the morning on the 30th. I have not been that exhausted in a long time. We were so grateful that Mozzy did extremely well considering what he had to go through. After Albuquerque he began roaming around the truck and eating and drinking; he even got comfortable enough to use his make-shift litter box after hour seventeen. He did not love being in the truck but he got used to it and liked to sit on the armrest in the middle of the front seat. Not having to worry about him was a big blessing during the trip.

DSC_0003Before we left California we had a few “going away” parties and got to see a lot of people to say goodbye. My great-grandmother hosted a BBQ at her house for us and that will certainly go down as one of the greatest days ever. Her home is beautiful and she has an amazing deck and a great view of the hills. The weather was perfect and I very nearly became a permanent part of her porch swing. I am going back to California in October for my best friend’s wedding and I hope we will be able to have another party there. I also sported one of the new shirts I made at the BBQ. A light peach tunic with white dots and it comes to about the middle of my thigh. Long enough to comfortably where only leggings with.



I had to buy a belt to help add a little something to so much fabric. I never use belts so it is very weird getting used to wearing one, especially just for fashion, but I like the way it turned out. I have another tunic cut out and ready to sew when we get to a more permanent living arrangement. The next one will be a lovely royal purple. I now have an unashamed love for mandarin collars.

On the knitting front, I have discovered my personal wonderland and it is happily about three minutes down the street from us, The Knit Stop. As with all specialty stores, it is pricy, but good golly is it ever worth it when I want to spoil myself. I just finished a beanie for a friend in Kentucky using a fabulous wool and alpaca blend, in a gorgeous rich brown. I used a US9 16″ circular and modified a basic beehive pattern, so it is extremely soft and comfy. I had never done a beehive before and was not a huge fan of the pictures that I had seen, but I am very happy with the results. It looks a little odd on me but I have practically no hair and my friend has a gorgeous head of curls that I think will fill it out wonderfully. I can not wait to pick out something special to make for myself; I am still waiting for the perfect pattern. I was very frustrated when I discovered that one of my works in progress, Ruffaluffagus, had been partially slaughtered on the journey here. I chose to frog the little bit of hem that I was so proud of but I shall press on and start it again next week. So many little ones are popping up this year and next year that I think I may suffocate under a mountain of baby blankets. I will be spending a lot of time searching for the perfect patterns for specific people.

Indy is a very interesting place to be. We are in a beautiful part of the city, close to all the stores we need and love, and the trees and rivers that run through everywhere make it a very pleasant place. Dealing with the humidity and my asthma will be a challenge but so far it has been well worth it. Hubby was not sure if we really were in the “nice” part of town until we drove down the street, passing Saks Fifth Avenue, and I announced with a laugh that we definitely made out like fiends. Indianapolis is a very big city and we have barely scratched the surface of it, but we have already seen what will probably end up being my favorite places (yes, one of them is the Knit Stop). DSC_0092

The picture above is a section of the White River from a park that is a few minutes away from us. The picture below on the left is Indiana’s Soldiers and Sailors Monument in the center of the War Memorial Plaza and the picture on the right is a view of the capital building coming from the base of the monument.

DSC_0098.1    DSC_0064.1

It has been very nice having more time to focus on my book and trying to pick up where I left off a few months ago. Another horrifying discovery I made as I was unpacking was that my second notebook, that had all of my newest notes and background on a few characters, has disappeared and I am having to piece together what little bits I can remember of what I had. It has gone fairly well and I hope will continue that way, I have not had too many moments of trouble but I do not trust it. My mind loves to lull me into a false sense of security. The rest of the week will be very busy but I think it will be satisfying as well.



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