Around and Around It Goes, Where It Stops



Last Thursday was spent with my mom at my great grandmother’s. Grandma set up a big circular table for us to work on and we spent the day working on a skirt for me. My grandmother is a fabulous woman. The older she gets the more snarky she gets. I have no doubt she is going to live to be 100 and still make me laugh. Being further away from her will be hard.

IMG_0288 It is strange trying to wrap my head around a lot of what comes naturally to my mother but I think I am slowly getting it. I made a few mistakes but overall I am pleased with the outcome.

IMG_0319 Mozzy is getting steadily more agitated as he sees the packing boxes out again and the entire apartment is in disarray but it will be nice getting rid of even more things. This is the time that we are majorly cutting down on everything; furniture, dishes, and a few books (a very few). Everyone is being amazingly helpful and God is working things out for the better. More sewing will come once more packing is done and hopefully we will find an apartment out there easily. Today I introduced my sister to Predators, that was entertaining. I need to bring as many into the fold before I leave as I can. My work outs have been sadly lacking in regularity with all the crazy things happening and I do not have much hope that it will get better before the move.



I have grown up not being able to relax if things are a mess around me and even though everything is a mess here, it is not bothering me as much as I expected it to. It is frustrating having so much to do but the mess and boxes are not stressing me out as much. I have been going without shampoo for a few weeks now and it is going fairly well. I am giving it more time to see if I need to adjust anything but so far it is not bad. I use baking soda and water to replace the shampoo and vinegar and water to replace conditioner. We will see how it goes from here on out.



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