Red Tag Fabric and Moving Sales

My husband loves to make life an adventure for me. He loves change. He really, really loves it. So after only a month in our new home we are not only moving out of the apartment but also the state. He has been offered a job in Indiana/Tennessee and we will be moving out there in a few short months. We will start out in Indiana while he gets going with the job and then hopefully not too much later we will move south, either to Kentucky or Tennessee. It is scary to be moving so far away from everything we know, but if the job works out it will be a very good thing for us; good pay, lower cost of living, time to be us as a couple, and a chance to see new things (which hubby is bubbling over with excitement about). This is the point that all the trust in God the Bible tells us to have and the church tells us to have actually comes into play. We are supposed to live our lives trusting Him and until something like this comes up we think, “Oh ya, I trust Him. He is in control.” God did not mean us to live our lives sitting still until He uses a sledge-hammer to tell us. We are to live in His will wherever we are and whatever we are doing, it should not keep us from going after opportunities. So this summer we will be across the country, angering Predator fans with my truck stickers.

In the meantime, before the move, my mother is going to spend time re-teaching me how to work a sewing machine and actually making my own clothes. I am extremely excited and we start work tomorrow. We went to Joann’s on Friday since Simplicity patterns were $1 and all the red tag fabric was half off. So for about $35, I got enough patterns and fabric for four or five different shirts, a short knit skirt and a knit maxi skirt.
IMG_0279 IMG_0278Today I have finished pre-washing the fabric and tonight I will spend far too long ironing it all. Then hopefully I will still have enough energy to cut out the patterns to have ready to take to my mother’s. She is the most amazing person. One of the first thoughts after I warned her of the imminent move was to offer me one of her expensive rotary cutting boards to take with me and she is not letting me leave the state until I can decently manage my sewing machine. She also had the forethought to buy me a clothes line, which I put to immediate use today as I was washing all the fabric.

As you can see there will be A LOT of ironing to do, but I am ridiculously excited about the shirts made from this fabric. We could not believe we found all that perfect fabric on clearance and for half off. All of my cotton shirt fabric was $2 a yard. My skirt fabric was the most expensive at $5 a yard. The most fabric I needed for an individual piece was about two and five-eighths yards so I am getting an $11 maxi skirt and four or five $5 shirts. (A short aside: as I speak Mozzy is attempting to rip the guts out of one of my socks. Again. Luckily I am not wearing it.)

I have also started a gorgeous baby sweater, Ruffaluffagus, designed by the amazing Cassy. I am so excited to start on more of her projects.

So many things are changing and so many things are scary but I will be praying, sewing, and knitting through it all…and playing a lot of video games.


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