Blood, Sweat, and Fabric (and the Hulk)

I finally finished the “new” bench with the help of my mother. It would have taken me twice as long to do it by myself and it would not have come out nearly as well. There was a lot of prying and staple pulling, some fabric cutting and ironing, and a lot of thumb tacks and hammering. One tack decided that it did not need its head anymore so the shaft went straight into my thumb while I was trying to force it down enough to hammer. The result is a sore and bloody thumb and a very angry Hulk. Even with all this though it only took about forty-five minutes and I am very happy with it.

IMG_0227  IMG_0244

It is nice having something else in the bedroom and thanks to the never-ending left over fabric from our wedding two years ago it looks pretty darn good for a $4 bench. Never be afraid to put work into something, the result will make you love your pieces even more because of your own effort (and cost savings). Mom will be coming back later this week to help me put up the last of our wall hangings, we have a large white board and a dry erase world map that need to go up. I am so thankful to have my mom, I am perfectly capable of doing things myself and not abusing her but I like spending time with her and it is so hard to get projects done when you have to do them yourself.


Mozzy is enjoying the new table and my new autographed Kings puck. I am certainly spoiled. An elder from our church knows how much I love the Kings and hooked me up since his nephew works for them. I am still geeking out over it. Now I just have to get the energy to wash my truck and put my new sticker on and I will be set.

I have been making myself stop cleaning to sit down and read the books I have been wanting to get to and I am so glad I did. I have finished two books in as many days and am looking to start and finish several more by the weekend. I miss reading and getting lost in places that do not have laundry or dishes to do. I hung out with my oldest sister last night and we watched the 1982 Scarlet Pimpernel with Anthony Andrews and it has inspired me to read the book, again. It is my favorite book of all time, even over LoTR and The Hobbit. The amount of action and non-melodramatic passion is staggering, even hubby liked it. Tomorrow I will go to my parents and watch tonight’s Kings game before doing sound for the Youth worship team tomorrow night. After today’s productivity I will not feel guilty for taking a day off. I will not avoid enjoying things in life just because something could be cleaner. I am proud of my drive and even of my ocd to an extent but honestly life is too short.


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