Paint Drops and Yarn Bombings

Last Saturday my mother made a couple of great finds at a yard sale and was sweet enough to give them to me; a side table that I have been wanting to put in the living room and a small bench that will be cute in our bedroom unless we need it for extra guest seating. They are pretty beat up and ugly but I am all for updating and restoring things.

IMG_0224         IMG_0236

This table she got for $6 and the bench was $4. I sanded both this morning to help the paint adhere better and I will be recovering the cushion on the bench probably tomorrow. I will post a before and after of the bench when I finish it this weekend. The bubbles in the table top are more noticeable with paint, but once it is dry enough to set things on it will definitely be worth $6. I am very excited to see how well the bench turns out.

My mother and I hung out all day today as a late Mother’s Day celebration and rocked it like only we can. We baked three different kinds of cookies, sung along to the My Fair Lady soundtrack on LP, watched a BBC Terry Pratchett movie, and worked on sweaters we are both making; her’s crocheted and mine knit.

It is not a great picture but that is about twelve inches of a bottom up sweater tee. The pattern is very simple and the only worry I have is that I will run out of yarn. The yarn I am using was the very last of a discontinued line and it will be a nightmare trying to find something that will match it closely enough to make it work. It has been hard-working on any yarn project thanks to Mozzy, he never bothers to be interested in my yarn until we are either asleep or gone. Then we come home and my best skeins are wrapped around every piece of furniture in the place like a poorly executed yarn bombing. I have given up expressing my displeasure because it happens so regularly, I just blink a few times and start untangling with a sad sigh.

Overall, however, I am very pleased with how productive I have been this week. I have been able to keep up with the errands and housework, plus some, and I will have completed several non-essential but very much-needed projects. My back is screaming and my knees are threatening to go on strike but the furniture, the green house cleaners, the cloth towels, and the clean patio are worth the pain. I was put off a day in my Rebellion workout but I did them today and am still on track. Hubby is excited about starting his website and it will certainly be a lot of fun seeing what happens from here on out. God definitely does not let me lead a boring life.


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