A Clean Mess

It is now starting to get incredibly hot. Last week it was raining and today it will be over 100 degrees. I am not impressed and it only makes me dislike California even more, but sometimes it can be useful. Heat makes me grouchy and when I am grouchy I generally tend to start what hubby calls “angry cleaning”. I get so fed up with everything that I go on a rampage. It is exhausting and often I end up messing up my joints but I consider it worth it for all that I get done in a short amount of time. Last night I “angry cleaned” and now today I do not have to clean the bathroom, the kitchen, or the bedroom. So that is me trying to put a better spin on heat, even though one actually does not and should not exist. Today I will get little things done and probably get set back a lot after having my little nieces for most of the day, but they are worth it.

I am very excited for a package that should be coming today in the mail. Not that all other packages are not exciting, honestly, who does not want to start singing “Oh the Wells Fargo man is a comin'” every time a UPS truck pulls up? (The answer to that is anyone under the age of 50 and so uncultured as not to have seen The Music Man.) This time however my nerdy little self is geeking out. A ridiculous amount. Hubby and I have been a couple five years as of the end of April so I bought us a belated present to enjoy. Though I am skeptical about how much he will really enjoy it because he is not as nerdy as me; but I am beside myself, looking at myself geek out. I will not say what it is since he will probably read this before it comes but I will post a picture after he finds out. I am amusing myself with how much hype I am giving this when no one reading this, barring one close friend, will have a clue why this is so wonderful. Oh well. In other related nerdy news, I am currently trying to finish my first play through of Ratchet and Clank and Borderlands 2. Hubby is a tad bit obsessed with Ratchet and Clank currently and I am not quite sure why. It is an amusing game, I am just not a fan of the mechanics. BL2 however is great. I did not like the first game at all. They have completely redeemed themselves in my eyes with two, though I do miss proper sniping and I will just say this once, BLOODWING!!!!!

The life changes we have been working on since the move, living simply and minimally, are going fairly well. We ran out of paper towels a few days after we got here and I did not buy more, even though hubby kept reminding me. I cut up some old t-shirts courtesy of my sister and those have been working well. I am also going to cut up old receiving blankets and use those. Many thanks to mymerrymessylife for the great ideas. Yesterday I used her recipe to make green all-purpose cleaner and I am very pleased. The recipe says to just mix it up in the bottle but, unless you want to clean up copious amounts of water and vinegar, make it in a bowl first. My mind was saying, “Wait, there’s something about vinegar and baking soda you should remember…” and, just as my hand was dumping the first scoop of baking soda, my eyes went wide and images of a very old paper mache volcano flashed into my brain. Those are the moments that make you laugh incredibly hard and realize how far your life is from being “Instagram” perfect, in the best ways. The end result is the same, even if the method of getting there was messy and memorable.

I was worried that I would not be able to keep up with my exercise after the move, but even though I did take a week or so off, I am jumping back in and doing the Angry Birds Workout. I am not a huge fan of the game, but the workout is perfect for my asthmatic self. You can be on different “Levels” on different exercises and you just do what you can. Today is a workout day so it will be my third and I am already improving. Nerd Fitness FTW. The only thing lacking lately is time and focus to work on my book more. Hopefully this week I will be able to sit down and get back into it, but I am happy with what I have been able to accomplish around here.
IMG_0205  IMG_0202 IMG_0208


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