Cat Hair and Dust Motes

I have been trying to sit down and write this post all week. It takes me hours to get half way through it and then change my mind about everything I have said. I have been so exhausted and brain-dead after the move that any semi-competent sentence seems daunting. It could have been much worse on the both of us though if we had not been blessed with a horde of people helping us move. We got everything but a single load moved in one day and by the next night I had everything pretty much put in its place. We love our new home. It is larger than our old condo and has beautiful natural light. The one downside to the abundant sunlight is the ability to see every spec of dust that floats through the air. I watch it knowing that I will be wiping it off every surface in the place soon. Usually a sad sigh escapes me as I watch it and then march off to get the duster. The light is worth all the evil little motes. We are also very happy to have hardwood floors in every room but the bedroom. No more spot cleaning or borrowing my mother’s carpet cleaner for far too long. I have traded the carpet cleaner and vacuum in for a broom and a mop. Thanks to the cat hair, the dirt and random items that seem to only exist to live on my floor, and my neurosis I am sweeping multiple times a day. I do not mind it though. Again we are blessed to have things that are worth the trouble. All of the sweeping, the dusting, and air purifier buying is worth the happy light streaming on my shoulders as I write and work. Our home feels like us. It feels right. I never expected to have this feeling, not for a long time anyway.

The morning has always been my favorite time of day, the earlier the better, and I am usually very productive in the mornings. I love being in the quiet and working. I can hear God when it is quiet. So many things that were scary or confusing before become very silly and simple. Today I will be working on switching out our paper towel and disinfectant wipe use to reusable cloths; and sweeping of course. I am hoping to get a little more writing done for my prologue but today is a day I am not going to push. Soon I will break out the yarn and finish too many abandoned projects, “but today is not that day!” A few friends will be coming over and the weather is too beautiful to ignore. This is the glorious calm before the sweltering storm that makes me hate California even more.


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