The Last Night

My cat is curled up on my feet and we are surrounded by boxes and bags and dust. Tonight is the last night we will be sleeping in this condo. That fact has not really sunk in yet and I am sure tomorrow night will be strange. I am very much looking forward to hardwood floors and being able to get rid of things we really do not need. It should be highly amusing to watch Mozzy freak out on the new floors. I absolutely detest moving and all it entails but this will also trigger some big changes that make it worth it.

We are excited to start going to the farmer’s market that will be closer to us and hubby even let me buy an awesome insulated basket to use for our perishables. We are going to start composting now that we have space for a garden and I am looking forward to deciding what to grow. I have not been able to garden since I was young and it will be so nice taking care of things again. Hopefully we will be able to cut down our waste quite a bit since nearly 23% of all the things filling the landfills could be put to good use. There are several new parks in our area as well and we will be using them quite a bit; it is time to break out the catching mits and badminton net. Life has been very hard and I am sure it will continue to be but God has blessed us this far and He will continue to do so.


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