Since the last time I posted on this blog two nieces have been born; another sister, numerous friends, and myself have gotten married; two churches have become history; and now my second move is coming up. It was extremely strange finding this blog again and having almost no memory of writing what I did. So instead of deleting it because I know I will not keep up with it, I am going to pick it up again. I remember wanting to start a blog about specific things and keep things nice and tidy, but I have since discovered that is not how my thoughts work at all. I’m writing a novel and I can not write chronologically. My words and ideas come out in random spurts; the first scene I ever wrote was the ending scene. This has not been easy at all to realize and it throws organization and speed out the window.

My husband just finished playing his banjo and is now playing Ratchet and Clank, my cat is chasing something under the packing boxes that I really hope is not actually alive, and I am laying on the floor trying to decide what to write about while the laundry is in the dryer. I am looking forward to our move. We will be getting rid of so much that we do not need and it will be so nice not having clutter. My goal this week as I pack everything is to dump pretty much anything I forgot that I owned. If I did not own so many books the load would be surprisingly small; but my husband knew what he was getting into, I warned him many times. Many people have blessed us by offering to help and I think we will have a very easy time of it.

So this is my first time back and from here on out random thoughts and Bible readings will probably be fairly common. We are leaders in our church’s youth group and everyone has been given the challenge to read their Bible for 40 days straight. It will be fun seeing who puts in the effort. I may also post recipes once in a while, not that I make amazing things but I’ll share what I’ve found from other people.


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