You’ve Got Mail…and cookies and milk

Losing the best part of your Oreo to the bottom of your full cup of milk is a sucky feeling. It makes you let out a sad, little defeated sigh and drop your shoulders like you just lost the lottery by one number. Then when you finally get to the bottom of the glass, the cookie is all expanded and stuck to the bottom and you’re sitting with your head craned so far back that you’re completely vulnerable to random decapitation; and your biggest fear in life has just changed from being alone forever, to that mushy cookie freefalling onto your face. Does that chance of free falling keep you from shaking the glass trying to get it to gently slide down the side into your mouth?

NO IT DOESN’T! I don’t know why but the only other options are leaving the cookie there (which I mean come on) or getting up and getting a spoon to dig it out (which somehow seems more stupid than holding your head almost upside down for five minutes).


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